Showven "Sparkular" Fountains

It's no secret that traditional hand-held sparklers & weddings make some pretty AMAZING photos, but we all know the potential hazards & risks that come with the reward. Some venues have completely banned sparklers or fireworks as a send-off method altogether. As soon as we began offering "Sparkular" machines, they have been in increasingly high demand by both venues and clients!


Our "Sparkular" machines are an innovative, non-pyro technology that creates a fountain of sparks with the ability to shoot up to 15 feet in the air! The visual effect produces no smoke, no scent, and no safety-risk to the client or their guests. Not only do they make breathtaking photos for send-off, they can also be used indoors in most venues and conditions.

Send-Off at Coles Garden
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OKC Fight Night at the Criterion
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First Dance at Skirvin Downtown
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SPARK Creative Conference
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Send-Off at Dominion House
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